How does your program work?

After you complete the simple property questionnaire form on the Home Page, one of our representatives  will quickly contact you to follow up on the information you provided. In most cases we will get back with you within 24-48 hours with a cash offer. You are under no obligation, but if you decide to sell to Anson Property Group, we should be able to set a closing date within 10 days or less, depending upon your individual situation (we let you pick the closing date). In addition there are no Real Estate Commissions or Closing Costs that you will have to pay.

How quickly can I sell my house?

We can arrange the sale of your house in a matter of a few days to ensure that you are free from the hassle of selling your house using the slow traditional methods. We will work with you to determine your timescales and work towards meeting your targets. We can usually close in as quickly as a few days if that is what you would like us to do.

What kinds of houses do you buy?

We buy Single Family houses, plexes, condos and Townhomes in any condition. Does your home need a little work? Does it need a lot of work? We’ll buy it. Anson Property Group has 7 years of experience buying all types of properties in Denver so we specialize in properties in need of work. In addition we buy smaller homes in high end neighborhoods throughout the Denver Metro area.

What If my house is in really bad shape?

That’s OK.  We are a very experienced contracting company and have renovated all types of homes that were in really bad shape when they were purchased.

Do we have to pay for repairs before you will buy our house for cash?

No, we buy homes for cash “as is” and will make all necessary repairs.

Do you pay fair market value? How do you determine the price?

Yes we pay a fair price and ARE NOT looking to lowball you! The price we are able to offer you takes into account the condition of the property, amount of repairs the home needs, and terms for payment.  The difference between a realtor and Anson Property Group is that a realtor will list your house and hope to sell it, and you never know what you will be getting or when.  With Anson Property Group you will know exactly what you are getting, you’ll close on the date of your choice and there are no real estate commissions, no closing costs and no repairs required!

Do I have to pay a commission?

There is no fee, no real estate commissions and in most cases, no closing costs for our service.  In fact, if we can’t help you, we will give you the benefit of our years of experience and try to point you in the right direction for any professional service you might need.

What if I’m about to go into foreclosure?

If you act FAST – we can stop it the foreclosure and possibly preserve your credit, however we cannot help you once a foreclosure has been completed and the home has been sold at auction. We are very experienced in dealing banks to prevent a foreclosure and we are happy to put our expert team members to work for you. In fact we even have in house short sale negotiators and would be happy to help you deal with your over-leveraged property.

I owe more than my house is worth. Can you help me?

Yes, many times banks and mortgage companies will accept less than what is owed on your mortgage. Just complete the online form on any page of our website, and a Anson Property Group Representative will contact you to discuss the options that are available. We have helped tons of Denver area homeowners successfully complete short sales, so contact us today and we would be happy to help you as well.

Is there any risk, obligation or charge?

You have no obligation or risk to let an Anson Property Group representative access your property and particular situation. We will at no charge, fee, or commission, present you with a positive solution agreeable for both of us. Call us 24 hours/seven days a week at 303-475-9999 or complete our online form!  We can help you get your home sold fast & in “as is” condition!


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